Big Projects

TSI Healthcare Company Website - Chapel Hill, NC

Project: TSI Healthcare underwent a redesign of the company website. This was a 6 month project
involving a lot of work in Wordpress. Required me to learn Wordpress quickly after being hired. 

View TSI Healthcare's website here.

Role in Project: Web Designer + Developer

Responsibilities: Designed and built company website using Wordpress. Responsible for completing
website redesign by the given deadline. Responsible for managing updates to website visuals and
content after website went live. Considered team lead on this project, I worked directly with the
director of marketing and vice president of government affairs to complete project. I have basic
knowledge of HTML and CSS.


TSI Healthcare Marketing Automation Email Campaigns - Chapel Hill, NC

Project: Creation of marketing email campaigns using marketing automation software (Salesforce Pardot). 

Role in Project: Marketing & Design Specialist

Responsibilities: Designed email templates used for marketing email campaigns. Managed dynamic forms
and landing pages within the marketing automation software. Assisted with creation of drip campaigns.


Sunstates Security Photoshoot - Charlotte, NC

Project: Professional Photo Shoot for Sunstates Security to obtain photos for their website and
marketing material. Full day project involving a decent amount of security models and creative staff. 

Role in Project: Digital Asset Manager

Responsibilities: Oversaw and organized photos as they came in to the computer. Responsible for
letting photographer know whether photos were blurry or had inappropriate exposure. Gave creative
input on certain shots. 


NSI Lab Solutions Brand Research

Project: NSI Lab Solutions underwent an entire brand identity change. They changed their name,
their logo and their whole message for their company.  

Roles in Project: Project Manager, Production Artist, Print/Output Manager 

Responsibilities: Put together content and materials for kits that were given out to a focus group
who included customers, prospects, and industry thought-leaders. In charge of mailing the kits out.
Once we had research results, I designed and produced large boards that displayed the results in an
easy-to-read way, which were presented to the company at our Brand Retreat. This allowed them to
see what the focus groups were saying about them. I oversaw the entire printing process for these
research materials and made sure every board and kit were assembled correctly. 


Brody School of Medicine - East Carolina University

Project: The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University wanted an 80ft by 9 ft wall covering
for one of their hallways. They wanted it to show the history about the school and all the important
people who helped make it what it is today.  

Role in Project: Lead Designer

Responsibilities: Came up with the idea for the concept that was used. Designed the large photo collage
that made up most of the wall cover design. By the end of the project I had become responsible for
finalizing the design and prepping it for the printer.